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Book Review: Simply Strategic Stuff

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The only possible downside to this book is the layout and clip art - because although the content is pretty much timeless, the layout unfortunately dates itself instantly. The book walks you through 99 lessons for leading a church, with practical advice on a myriad of subjects. It's a little like a blog in a book form, bite sized pieces of wisdom on a page or two. There's some great examples of success leading the church, and some great failure stories as well.

Do these chapter titles interest you? Respect Their Time, You Can’t Fix Everyone, Creativity Doesn’t Just Happen, Never Do Ministry Alone, Simple Policies Simplify Life, The Staff Should Serve the Servants, Seek Ability Over Availability, Easy Access Is Crucial, Master the Art of Celebration and Volunteers Are Sinners Too.

All in all a book with solid advice, even though the layout is roaring into the 90's.

Content: A
Clip Art: C


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