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8 Things Ever Worship Leader Should Know

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Thought this post from Perry was interesting today. Here's a clip:

#5 - Go to concerts
Lee goes to concerts all the time to see what the latest sound is and how artists are connecting with contemporary culture. Just recently he went to see Justin Timberlake in Atlanta…and I think he has gone to nearly every U2 show that he can. Seriously–I would say he goes to at least 40-50 shows per year, most of them being non-Christian venues, and he comes back refreshed with ideas.

#6 - Read Scripture
Believe it or not–the earliest worship music was written in the Bible and not in some hymnal at your local Christian bookstore. Lee always has his nose in the Bible…and He knows the word so well that he intimidates me sometimes!

#7 - Work in unison with the pastor
Lee and I are in creative planning sessions every week. He knows the sermon topic sometimes months in advance and spends time praying over songs and set lists. After we discuss the message in a creative meeting we then talk about the music. We don’t do the “I do the message, you do the music and then we will see what happens.” We are a team!!!


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