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The Ten CGI Commandments

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This press release just hit my inbox:
Promenade Pictures has announced that it will release its inaugural big screen feature film as the first in its Epic Stories of the Bible franchise...The Ten Commandments. Scheduled to release in theaters nationwide on October 19 2007, The Ten Commandments is a full-length, 3D CGI animation that brings the Bible classic to life in a film that uncovers the true meaning of faith and God's message of love to humankind - known as The Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments is directed by Bill Boyce (Hermie & Friends) and John Stronach (Ben Hur, Cahoots), and features an award-winning talent line up including Ben Kingsley (narrator voice), Christian Slater (Moses voice), Alfred Molina (Ramses voice), and Elliott Gould (God’s voice) as well as acclaimed family screenwriter Ed Naha (Honey I Shrunk the Kids).

Filled with high adventure and a gentle sense of humor, the miraculous story of The Ten Commandments showcases Moses, an ordinary man with an extraordinary calling. He was the only man in Biblical history to behold the face of God and call Him friend. The film takes a unique approach to highlighting the humanity of Moses and displaying the power of God.

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