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The Shopping-Driven Life

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This funny spoof appeared in today's UK Satire. Made me laugh! Here's a clip:
That void was filled by the book "The Shopping-Driven Life" by the Rev. Arnold Rogers, which her friend Betsy Tompkins recommended that she read, if she could. "It literally changed my life," says Threlkeld. "I realized I only had so much time on this planet, and I'd better do what I could to max out my credit cards while I was alive."

Rogers' book was written in response to Rick Warren's "The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?", which has held a place atop bestseller lists ever since it first appeared in bookstores in 2002. "Being useful isn't something that everybody is capable of," says Rogers. "If all you can do is shop--well, what's wrong with that?"

Rogers counsels women that shopping is a means to an end, and should not be pursued without a larger purpose in mind. "A lot of credit cards give you frequent flier miles and other promotional rewards," he notes. "If you're passing those up, it's like you're throwing away fishsticks in your grade school cafeteria."

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