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Movie Review: TMNT

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Downloaded the Xbox 360 HD version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) for the kids this morning - and while it isn't exactly 'wow' in the voice acting / story department, it sure has some great comupter animation. It's a quick 77-minute story without the classic villian Shredder, so it's missing some of the classic feel but at least breaks new ground. April looks more like Lara Croft, and Nightwatcher (Rafael in disguise) is a brilliant addition.

The excitement here for me is for the animation - instead of the cheery, stylized Pixar animation, we're treated to another sort of brilliance - this time in dark, moody street level lighting with some fantastic rain effects thrown in. If the story/humor was up just a notch, it would have been perfect - but instead still sits in a solid, entertaining place like a couple of back-to-back Saturday morning cartoons on steroids. B+


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At 8/10/2007, Blogger Matthew McNutt said...

I loved this movie as well ... and I like that it continues the story from the previous three installments - however indirectly. Nice foreshadowing of a return of Shredder at the end. The animation absolutely blew me away. I actually saw it in the theatres ... I took nine middle school boys and we all made masks to wear like the Turtles (I had a red one). I think the theatre staff were scared of what was going to happen when nine boys get hopped up on a TMNT flick ...

It's not pretty.

At 8/10/2007, Blogger MJ said...

i saw this three times in theaters and bought the DVD today, i grew up on the cartoons (they were and still are my all time favorites) and so when i found out a new CG film was being made i started counting down the days. it did not disappoint! this week for our Jr. Highers we are doing a movie night (with a quiz at the end) using this movie, hopefully they have as much fun with it as i did!



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