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Movie Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

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You'll find out in the first few minutes if you're stomach can handle the final installment of the Bourne Trilogy. The shakey cam syndrome is back, and shakier then ever. Man, this was a good movie.

The end of the series pretty much ties up all of the lose ends and is a satisfactory franchise-closing movie. The action is just what you would expect - kind of a "Mission: Impossible" and "The Fugitive" mashup with a little lesser names. If you're any fan of the original or lesser sequel, this one will be a hit. I liked it, everyone around me liked it, and you probably will to. Nice to see a summer movie that wasn't over-hyped that delivered. A-


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 12:26 AM |

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At 8/12/2007, Blogger Josh(ua) Treece said...

Uhhh.... Dude. It's actually The Bourne Ultimatum. The Bourne Supremacy is the 2nd part of the trilogy.

At 8/12/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Funny! I guess that tells you the title isn't that memorable ... for me at least. :)



At 8/12/2007, Blogger Tyler said...

By far, my favorite of the 3.

At 8/13/2007, Blogger jabthejesusfreak said...

Amazing! I sat in the movie theater going, "Wow...wow...wow..." pretty much the entire movie (Mouthing it silently, of course).

At 8/13/2007, Blogger MJ said...

by far one of the best movies of the summer! (right behind Transformers in my opinion)



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