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Packing is easy - everyone's excited to go on vacation and you've got that burst of "leaving everything behind" energy.

Everything is perfectly folded, packed and zipped. Every possible mishap is accounted for, and for every possible emergency mom has a remedy. We are ready to go on vacation. Packing is an art form, but one that seems to come easily for our family. Even the process for getting everything into the van without having to use a trailer or car topper is a cinch, so off we go.

But returning home from vacation? Now that's a delightful sight. You struggle to get everything out of the garage, much less in the right spot. I can imagine this taking several days to get all sorted out. Everyone's tired (you almost need a vacation from the vacation, right?) and cranky, everything was just stuffed into random bags and there is an undeniable urgency to do laundry soon, if you know what I mean.

But it's worth it ... really worth it. Take a vacation. Guard your day off. Stop and smell your family.

I don't care if it takes a week to unpack ... what a week!


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