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Free Razors (and Printers?)

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OK, this morning I shaved with a straight razor. But it wasn't just any razor, it was a Gillette Fusion. The crazy thing is - they sent it to me for free. I don't think I'm the only one who got this in their mailbox recently - so why would a company do that? Why would they send me their brand new signature razor for free?

They obviously want to get me hooked, and once I'm hooked then I have to start buying their blades. In fact, they are guaranteed a customer for life with plenty of expensive refill purchases - all by giving the original product for free. It's quite a risk, and quite an investment - they are expecting a return.

What's next - is HP going to send me a free printer?

How does this translate to the church? How can a student ministry use this strategy? Well, that's your Monday morning assignment. Comment and idea/thought and let's discuss ... because right now I have no idea but thought it was interesting.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 9:45 AM |

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At 8/20/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I got one too!!!

At 8/20/2007, Blogger Eric Smith said...

Well, this is a bit simplistic, but I always offer student visitors an invitation to come to whatever our next activity is and waive whatever the cost of it might be.

At 8/20/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read an article in outreach about a student ministry where they handed out bracelets (the silicone ones) to their friends... the 900 person congregation (not jsut youth) ended up reaching another 600 newbies at their easter service... Seems like a good idea... hand out free bracelets, pray for the kids you give em too and invite them to your youth program!

At 8/20/2007, Blogger Bryan Bouma said...

We also have given out the silicone bracelets. Students love them we put the name of the outreach and the website on the bracelet. NEW THING recently we upgraded our student tracking softwere and we are now printing off "membership cards" like Costco. So students have them in their wallet or purse and show their friends, plus it is great for tracking the events that students attend. Small cost for us hooked for every event.

At 8/20/2007, Anonymous Jeremy said...

I know their gimmick worked on me. I can't shave with anything else now.

As far as how this idea can be used in YM...not really sure. I'm interested in any ideas people have though.

At 8/20/2007, Blogger Judy Gregory said...

Ok, Josh, probably not what you were looking for but it’s late, yet I found your question intriguing. Here’s a whole different take…

What is the desired product of your church that would be irresistible? People loving God and others well … really well … right? What if you were so INCREDIBLY AMAZING at “genuinely displaying it,” that people kept coming back to test its authenticity. To the point they have such “buy in” that they become part of the marketing strategy to pull others in. Ultimately they are a walking billboard/ad, which increases your market share over your competitor (aka the enemy, not the church down the street).

Like with the razor, I’m not against gimmicks in to pull people in. But, no matter how good the razor/church/giveaway appears on the outside, when the rubber meets the road, if the blade/people can’t cut it, no one is going to buy it/buy in/invest. You’ll go bankrupt because no matter what business you’re in, it takes money and people to multiply.

Wow, spent way too many brain cells thinking on that one. You're too cool for school Josh. j/k hope you're enjoying seminary.


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