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Does It All Really Matter?

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Interesting new article from Danny Bowers I just posted on PDYMCommunity.com. Basically he's 8 years into his ministry and beginning to question if it's all worth it and if it's all working. Good nuggets in here and encouragement for all of us. Here's a clip, hit the link for the rest:

Two years went way too fast. Five years was somewhat a milestone, I think? Seven years just seems like I just started. Starting this, my 8th year of youth ministry, I began to become struck with a question.

Does it all really matter?

As youth pastors we look at our life and evaluate everything we do. We spend time preparing messages, mentoring students, equipping leaders, speaking into students lives, having fun enjoying life, crying with families during the hard times, rejoicing during the good times and then everything in between. We look at all of this and hope that we are doing everything we can to point students to the heart of Jesus.

My entire “adult” life has been spent wanting to see teenagers know that their Creator desires to embrace their heart and give them a life they have never experienced before. And in this I have to ask a question, “Does it all really matter?” Not because I don’t trust the very intricate working of God’s Spirit in everything around us, but because I am human and need to know that what I have done and am doing is really worth my time, energy and sacrifice. If it is not worth it I need to be doing something else with my life!


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At 8/27/2007, Blogger Chris Day said...

often times we see the single trees before the forest. It's easy to get caught up with disappointment becuase it seems like we aren't making any headway with students but we are changing lives a little bit at a time. We have to see the forest instead of just the single trees.


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