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Do You Need a Church Office Anymore?

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This interesting concept in the business world can't be too far away from the church, I'm guessing. ABC News has a feature on companies that don't have an official office, or if they do, it's pretty small. Here's a clip:
Like 42 percent of IBM's 350,000 employees, Flavin rarely comes in to an IBM office.

"We don't care where and how you get your work done," said Dan Pelino, general manager of IBM's global health care and life sciences business. "We care that you get your work done."

IBM says it saves $100 million a year in real estate costs because it doesn't need the offices.

To be honest, I like the idea quite a bit, though in a church setting you would have to address some issues like locations for counseling and meetings, but do you have to have a full-on church office? I'd be interested to check out churches that embrace this, and how they manage their team.


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At 8/28/2007, Blogger Chris Burke said...

i work for youth for christ.. so not exactley church.. but i have an office at the crisis pregnancy centre in our town.. its great.. its actually a new space for me.. my first 2 years with YFC i worked from home (not something I recommend)

At 8/28/2007, Anonymous Tony Steward said...

I concur. Working from home = distraction, poor working environment, even less separation between vocation and your "family space".

I think working environments need tp be wildly improved. Most are very efficiently structured, but they create a very ineffecyive environment for creativity, prosuctivity and collaboration.

At 8/29/2007, Anonymous Tony Steward said...

prosuctivity - my new favorite word in the universe... (thank you iPhone )

At 8/30/2007, Blogger Pastor Lee said...

When I used to live in England I didn't have an office. I think I was the most productive I have ever been in youth ministry. I had a "gen x" for a boss so he said get your job done...sometimes you have long weeks and sometimes you have extra short weeks but set goals and get them done. I had a cell phone, planner and a laptop...thats all I needed...and a coffee shop to work from and make relationships.

The problem I had moving back to states was I had "boomer" for a boss and the pressure was to work 55 hour weeks all from the church building. Talk about reverse culture shock


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