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Book Review: The Dip

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Just finished up a new book from Seth Godin - another quick read of less than 100 pages here on vacation. Guys, this is some good stuff - the gist of it being a) motor through the difficulties for the greatest reward, and b) quit all of the stuff that is distracting or average. In terms of youth ministry, I think there's 2 really significant applications from the book:
1) Short tenure is caused by The Dip - this occurs about 12-16 months into a new church. The honeymoon is over and reality is settling in. A whole bunch of reality hits the fan, not everyone likes you and the change you've implemented so far is starting to cause pain. It isn't quite the place it seemed like when you interviewed. You moved your family halfway across the country for this? The Dip is why youth workers leave after less then 2 years. They are on the cusp of something great, but don't tough it out.

2) Good Enough is not good enough - some of our encouragement and training has suggested the "good enough" principle is something to live by, or at least live with. And while I'm not totally ready to throw that value away, my thoughts have been challenged here. Are we truly being the best we can be with the most important message of all, or do we regularly slip into mediocrity and good enough and coast on in ministry. Good enough might not be good enough for our calling.
I suppose there's lots of other possible applications from the book - like when should you stop a particular style of music, an event, what are the right circumstances to leave a church - all that - but the two above were the clearest learnings for me. GREAT book!


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At 8/05/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

sounds like an interesting read. hafta add it to my "must-read" stack of books... which is next to my "started to read but didn't finish" stack... which is next to the "someone gave me and i promised to read" stack... which is...


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