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Book Review: Breakout Churches

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These people clearly love Good to Great by Jim Collins. In fact, this is essentially a research project based on his findings in the business world, but this time focused on churches. If you've read Good to Great already, you probably know about 1/2 of the material in this book already. I know as I read Good to Great a few years ago, I basically translated it for my setting - the church. That's pretty much the mission of this book.

If you haven't read Good to Great and you work in a ministry setting, this will be a great read. The findings are fantastic, some of the things that hit me were interesting this go round:
1) You will have to deal with conflict. Every breakout church and leader had to deal with it - struggle seemed to be part of the deal. Longevity and seeing the bigger picture and future play a role here.

2) Excellence must be part of your culture. Excellence not just in production or publishings, but excellence in every facet of the church. Excellence in staff, in pursuing the mission, etc.

3) The church must serve the community. If you serve yourself, you will be marginal and slowly fade into obscurity. Who wants to be average? Not me.

4) Be open but cautious with innovations. Use technology, take conference learnings, read books - but use them in your setting and wisely implement them only to accomplish your vision, not to pursue a fad.

5) Keep the staff and members informed. Publish your attendance records, financial records, mission, vision, goals. Let nothing be a secret. People think their church is fine and become complacent when ignorant.

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