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After the Message ... Serving

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After a message on service, ministry or servanthood ... what if you had a few "stations" in the back of the room where students could stop by as they were leaving. Say there are 6 stations with ...
12 Windex bottles. The label on the front was replaced with your church label, and the instructions on the back challenge someone to visit 12 neighbors and clean their windows inside and out.

4 boxes of detergent. Instructions say to visit the school's laundry facility and wash the football team's clothes for the week of preseason.

25 bottles of canned air. Instructions say to go to local business's and spray out the dust inside the all employee keyboards and CPUs.

10 canisters of Lysol Wipes. Instructions say to disinfect all door handles at every elementary and middle school within 5 miles.

2 air pumps. Visit houses and offer to inflat what needs air. Balls, bike tires, beach stuff ...

A pack of double-sided tape and a level. Visit neighborhoods and offer to level picture frames. When level, apply a small piece of tape to the backside.
If asked, they mention how their church is giving back to the community. That's it. See what happens by next Sunday.


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At 8/20/2007, Blogger Heather McTaggart said...

What amazing and great ideas! I am going to forward this to my 2 oldest kids and let them digest these great ideas! I love ideas that make my kids think about others and how to help others in "unconventional" ways.

At 8/20/2007, Blogger Josh Byers said...

That is an awesome idea Josh. Too many times I find myself telling our students to go and just "do it."

How much more effective could we be if we just thought practically once in while???


At 8/21/2007, Blogger Jim Clark said...

That's a great idea Josh... Maybe I'll have to "borrow" that for an upcoming series that we've got coming up in a couple of weeks...


At 10/01/2007, Anonymous Rodney Trinidad said...

Hey Josh...
We are launching a NATIONAL CHRISTIAN SERVICE DAY in 2008. Great concept and awesome idea!There is certainly great potential for this in the land down under!

Thanks again for you coming out and ministering at the nymc at the Goldcoast this year!


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