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The 7 Sins of Solutions

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Saw these on Guy's blog - a clip from a manifesto called Taming the Traps of Traditional Thinking - which you can download for free here. Good stuff!

Shortcutting. Leaping to solutions in an instinctive way or intuitive way—i.e. the “blink” method of problem-solving—seldom leads to an elegant solution because deeper, hidden causes don’t get addressed. Watch CSI and House: first they collect the evidence, then diagnose, and then solve. It’s never the guy or the disease you initially suspect.

Blindspots. Blindspots are the umbrella term for assumptions, biases, and mindsets that we cannot see through or around. Our brain does a lot of “filling in” for us because it’s a pattern maker and recognizer. Ths cn b hrd fr ppl t cmprhnd, hwvr, mst cn ndrstntd ths sntnc wth lttl prblm. But clear thinking involves more than simply filling in spaces in words.

Not Invented Here (N.I.H.). NIH means that you refuse to consider solutions that are from external sources. It means “If we didn’t come up with it, it won’t work. It is of no use.” Next time you’re waiting for an elevator, watch someone walk up and hit the button even though it’s already lit. We often don’t trust others’ solutions!


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At 8/14/2007, Anonymous brandon mc said...

i love this post. traditional thinking has been plaguing our particular brotherhood (church of Christ) for a long time, and it still holds up a lot of barriers that most youth ministers can't seem to get past. i really enjoyed the "not invented here" thought...

At 8/14/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Dude, that's the one that hit me the most, too! JG


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