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What's Inside: Tanning Lotion

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I love this series. Yesterday Wired looked at What's Inside tanning lotion. Here's a few of the better ones, head there for them all:
Silly Putty. There are many different formulations of this silicone oil — some are soft and squishy like breast implants, others are sticky like bathtub caulk. This liquid variant is used in skin moisturizers and, again, sexual lubricants.

Arachidyl Alcohol
The long chain structure of this white, waxy plant derivative makes it a common starting point for producing everything from fragrances and inks to detergent and PVC. It's often used alone as a skin cream and an emulsifier, helping various ingredients mix.

Propylene Glycol
Automobile antifreeze, sexual lubricants, artificial fog fluid — is there nothing this slippery compound can't do? Here it's used as a moisturizer.

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