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Video Game Review: Gun

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I know I'm a bit late to this party, but I picked up the discount game Gun for my 360 this past week with some of the income from my blog. So thanks for clicking the ads that interest you - here's my review of the game.

The game is definitely a first generation title for the 360, and my review comes as the game is now 2 years old. What's interesting about the game, is that it plays more like a movie than most, and has an actual storyline. Of course, the graphics are about average (think just north of the original Xbox but in HD) and the gameplay doesn't vary too much after the first hour. But, it's a surprisingly fun game.

There are definitely some downers, the game takes full advantage of it's "M" Mature rating, meaning there's more swear words and over the top action than most titles I would typically play. In fact, the game doesn't shy away from putting any of the "wild" in the whole Wild West category, if you know what I mean. All in all, a decent game that I simply can't recommend to friends due to the content included. C+


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