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Movie Review: Meet the Robinsons

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Meet the Robinsons works on a few levels, has some animation polish but gets a bit too bizarre in the middle to be fully enjoyable.

The beginning and the end of the film are great - but the actual "meeting of the Robinsons" is a bit too out there to be enjoyed. Pixar shows it is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else yet again, even parent company Disney gets outclassed by its purchase from last year. The movie has a solid core story that is quite enjoyable, but the action isn't super amazing and the funny parts aren't super funny. Still, it's an enjoyable romp in a new world but just isn't one that is destined to become a classic. B-


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At 7/27/2007, Blogger Heather McTaggart said...

This movie has been recommended to me SO many times! I think it's my stint in foster care that makes peeps think I will like it! We will watch it one night and give you The McTag's review...can't wait!


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