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It All Goes Back in the Box

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Coping with busyness is a subject often spoken about here in Orange County, so it's no surprise that messages - about pace of life, living for something bigger than yourselves, and what happens at the end of it all -should come as no surprise in this culture.

But this weekend pastor John Ortberg preached an amazing message called "It All Goes Back in the Box" - by far the best message I've heard on the subject. John is a master storyteller, and his message was fantastic tonight. He had the book for sale as well, I noticed it comes out really soon (August 13th) and I highly recommend it.

Monopoly. Scrabble. Uno. Parcheesi. Stratego. Risk. The simple parallel is that even if you win the game, it all goes back in the box. And too many of us are focused on "the game" and forget it all gets put away when it's done. So good.

Really powerful stuff ... you can listen/watch it here on SaddlebackFamily.com, too. Man, just what I needed tonight ...


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At 7/30/2007, Blogger Rob Spahr said...

Only Saddleback members can view this (you need to have a Saddleback family registration), but I've heard John's message on this before and it's great. I'm looking forward to the book, as well. Highly recommended.


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