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Han Shot First

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There is a picture.
In this picture is a man.
The man in this picture is George Lucas.
George Lucas is wearing a T-shirt.
It is a "Han Shot First" T-shirt.
George Lucas is wearing a Han Shot First T-shirt.

Thanks to Treece among others for sending it in. Ironic.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 10:03 PM |

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At 7/26/2007, Blogger The Expanded Universe Blog said...

That's just awesome.

At 7/26/2007, Blogger .justin said...

don't get me wrong.
i really like star wars.
but i don't have a login name to the force.net

so, what's the reference?

[to "han shot first"]

At 7/26/2007, Blogger Matthew McNutt said...

I might be mistaken ... I'm more of a Trek nerd than Star Wars geek ... but it seems like every time Lucas rereleases the original Star Wars movie he keeps retweaking the bar scene with Greedo and Han Solo because he wants it to be clear that Greedo shot first - that Han wasn't just killing the guy in cold blood. He's very passionate about it ... which makes it so hilarious that of all people he would be wearing a shirt like that. : )

At 7/27/2007, Blogger bryant said...

i just think it is hilarious. i think i have seen somewhere in the realm of 100 million posts about this all over the web, including a video clip of this. the picture comes from a vid showing the first shots of Ford as Indiana from number 4. but what got all the attention was Lucas' shirt. great fun, great fun!


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