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Golden Gate Seminary

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I applied to seminary yesterday.

Just thought I would share - taking my Business degree to the next level - one night a week I'll be working towards my Master's of Theological Studies starting this Fall. This will make my dad proud!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 9:41 AM |

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At 7/27/2007, Blogger Mike Lovato said...

Have fun man! After nearly 5 years of reading, going to lots of classes, and eating many meals at the Golden Gate Cafeteria (Brea Mall food court) I graduated from Golden Gate this year. Enjoy!

At 7/27/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

awesome! i've been feeling a little itch to do some grad work myself. i guess 12 years with "just" a BA is long enough. but if i do it, wouldn't start until spring, and probably in a communication area, not theo. but we'll see.

At 7/28/2007, Blogger joshpease said...

Hey! I'm going to be going to Golden Gate too! We could carpool and eat dinner together, and study together, and go on study breaks together and ...

... wait, am I being creepy again? I really need to work on that ... (starting the internship in a month!)

-- Josh Danger

At 7/29/2007, Blogger samwise said...

enjoy the journey. you'll find out how much you don't know! blessings on your head as you follow your heart! i did the 9yr track here ;-)


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