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CBS to Air Videogame Tournament

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Good news - the years of my life waster playing Xbox might just pay off! CBS has agreed to air the first video game tournament in the US. It's already huge overseas, with Japanese players being treated and sponsored like pro basketball players. Could this 'sport' be 2007's Texas Hold 'Em? I hope so - but this guy sure doesn't think so, here's a clip of his thoughts:

I envision two sweaty-palmed, pimple-faced 14-year-olds casting virtual spells on each other in the "World of Warcraft," and millions of people watching at home, ignoring all familial, spiritual and hygienic needs as they await the outcome of the make-believe contest.

And with that, we blissful and carefree Americans may have sunk below the point of no return.

I know there are hordes of dedicated video game players, many of whom lead productive lives and contribute to mankind. And there's no question that sitting in front of a flickering tube pressing the same buttons repeatedly for hours is a perfectly productive and stimulating exercise in brain and emotional development for people who surely can't find better uses for their time and talents.

But the idea of watching this on television? It sounds downright stupid to me.


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At 7/30/2007, Blogger Matthew McNutt said...

I'll be curious to see this ... I've actually been wanting to put on a video game tournament for years. I think it would be a great first contact kind of event for getting kids in the door and on the mailing list, y'know? I've just always hesitated on the logistics, what games I would use, etc. Although ... the other week I was watching "the Wizard," which prompted me to download some oldschool games on my Wii and start picturing a massive event culminating in a face off with Super Mario Bros 3 ...

That movie totally rocked. Maybe I should text that to Chris ...


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