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Video Game Review: Superman Returns

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Finished up the Xbox 360 game Superman Returns last night. It's an enjoyable, if repetitive game. The graphics are first out of the gates in the next generation race and the game isn't nearly the "second coming of gaming" touted before it's release. At it's heart its a button mashing brawler with flying thrown in to boot. Despite the shortcomings, it's still a fun game that follows the movie and some side stories. I enjoyed it, gobbled up some achievements, and am now done with it. C+

Really quick - do you have an Xbox360 game you want to trade me straight up for this game? Comment me the title you want to trade, and let's switch (permanently) - I'll mail it to you and when you get it send me yours.


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At 6/14/2007, Blogger Lyndale said...

So, I'd like to trade, but you have the games I have since I am more of a PS3 guy than 360. But I will throw this to you. The family got a gamefly subscription and now I rent the games, run up the achievements and return them. Also the kids get to rent things for the DS's. Also, if you like the game you rent most of the time you can just buy it from gamefly for a discount. You just keep the game you rented and they send you the case and stuff. Anyway, there is my unsolicited promo for gamefly. Living in little Louisiana it help me keep my gaming sanity.


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