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Rookie Gets a Standing Ovation

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Last night at the Angels game, rookie Terry Evans had his first Major League hit at his first ever at bat- and it was a home run. The crowd dutifully applauded and the fireworks roared as he rounded the bases, but what happened as he went to the dugout was what impressed me the most.

The crowd gave him a standing ovation.

I liked that moment.

It wasn't the game-winning home run later in the game. In fact, at that point they were down a few runs and this was just a dent in a comeback that wasn't materializing fast enough. People could have just gone up for another hot dog or Budweiser, they could have sloughed it off as insignificant compared to the opposing team's lead. They could have simply been too busy with their own worlds to appreciate the amazingness of that moment.

But instead, they are fans. They are made to cheer their team on to victory. I'm on the team, but I'm also a fan. Part of my job is to cheer on the team when they get a hit. One of the best learnings I've seen modeled is to be a cheerleader pastor. Your team will be better off for it.
  • Remember what it was like when you made it to the big leagues.
  • Look for a new volunteer who needs encouragement.
  • Strive every day to encourage the young ones - young in faith, young in age, young in ministry, young at heart.
  • Are you too busy to notice the success of others in your ministry?
  • Is there a rookie in your ministry that needs a standing ovation right now?
  • Is there someone on your team that knocked it out of the park and deserves applause?
  • Is there a regular time in a staff meeting or gathering where we encourage the team and point out runs batted in?
Give someone a standing ovation today.


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