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Relational Youth Ministry

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Nick Carnes just wrote a great article for PDYMCommunity.com about relational youth ministry. Here's a clip from his learnings after interviewing a long-time comrade in the calling:

1. Relationships are more important than programs and events: Dan expressed this thought: programs and events should not be used in place of relationships; rather programs and events should be designed to enhance relationships. We can have no greater impact in our student ministries than the impact that is available through relationships. We should not reserve relationship building for just our “fellowship” times, but understand that relationships should be a core focus for implementing all of the Biblical purposes.

2. Relationships do not end at the students: Dan shared how he has seen many youth ministries over the years seclude their relationships against parents. They adopt a “Me against Them” mentality. Parents spend a lot more time with their students than we do, so they still hold the upper hand in the influence of their student. If you have a strong focus on reaching the Community students, there is a higher chance that their parents also do not have a relationship with Christ, therefore our greatest tool to reaching them is to reach out to them in a relational manner. Both Christian and non-Christian parents have one thing in common, they desire the best for their student. We have an opportunity to connect those parents into the community of faith by allowing them to be involved in their student’s ministry and life in church.


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