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Movie Review: Rise of the Silver Surfer

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This movie was exactly what I anticipated - about 1 hour and 15 minutes of very average plot, average visuals and average special effects. There were a couple moments of great effects work, but the vast majority of the film was minor league and nothing that made you really go wow. For those interested - those two best moments were the Great Wall of China chase sequence and Earth about to be eaten by a world-hungry planet eater.

And since it's a Fantastic Four movie, the grading starts at B, and goes down from there. Entertaining and better then the first, but has a long ways to grow up to play with the big superhero movies of summer. C


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 12:14 AM |

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At 6/19/2007, Blogger Jeff Smith said...

Ah, you went in with too many expectations. Just go to be entertained. You had to know you were not going to be seeing the greatest movie of all time.

I went with my wife and some kids from my youth group - on Sunday night no less AND as part of my Father's Day gift. I give the movie an A. It did everything I expected - fun, laughter, some suspense (didn't see the girl dying coming), a little "give you life for the world" from a very cool Silver Surfer, and basically a nice time out with some VERY good friends.

Bring on F4#3

At 6/19/2007, Blogger Jon said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the obvious Christ image of the Surfer at the end. I find it interesting that even Hollywood recognizes the significant role that the cross has played in redemption. I was reminded of the same thing in Superman Returns.

At 6/19/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Jeff ... I think you're right.

Jon ... good call, there were some strong parallels with the Silver Surfer as redemptive character. Agreed.


At 6/19/2007, Blogger MJ said...

i haven't seen it yet, but the "world hungry planet eater" is named Galactus. yep i'm a nerd.


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