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Movie Review: Live Free or Die Hard

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Really enjoyed this movie for exactly what it is. A great reluctant hero in impossible situations, filled with heart pounding action and THX-rattling explosions. Went to the midnight opening with a few of the student ministry team. Good stuff.

The movie adds a new twist to the Die Hard franchise, with a bit of a cyber element to it all. There's not quite the sense of urgency of the entire movie taking place in one building with a literal crime taking place, but the tweak to the formula adds some new possibilities with helicopters, car chases and various other spaces.

The movie drags just a bit in the second act, but the first and third are almost perfect. Kevin Smith makes a fun cameo, the villian is solid and the Apple guy is a great partner to Willis.

Expect classic John McClain stuff with some True Lies and Sneakers mixed in for good measure. A-


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At 6/28/2007, Blogger [derekmswanson] said...

I am excited to see this but aren't you a little dissapointed that the first three were rated "R" and this one is "Pg-13".

Not saying all good movies have to be rated "R', but it's a Die Hard movie!

We'll see after I see it.


At 7/03/2007, Blogger Brent said...

A-? Really?
Now I may have to go see it. If I don't like it, I blame you.


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