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Movie Review: Evan Almighty

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Just got back from a showing of Evan Almighty on staff retreat with some friends. What excited me most was the idea of a strong family-friendly film hitting theaters this summer - always glad to see studios take a risk in the right direction. Not to mention the fact that I have affection for The Office's Michael Scott.

There are some great lessons in the film, and despite the fact that it gets a little over the top at the end, its still enjoyable and worth the effort of seeing. I wonder if near the end if they started to get confused as to the point of the film and threw in some "save the environment" messaging as an added bonus?

Loved the tension when Noah tells them the idea for the ark came from God, and when the people teased him as he built it what that must have felt like.

The supporting cast were all standouts as well - loved all of the senator's office staff and Noah's wife. Look for plenty of product placement throughout and a bit of cheesiness as the story comes to a close. But there's plenty of good stuff inside this worthwhile family film to enjoy. C+


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At 6/25/2007, Blogger kenny said...

I reviewed this movie too, a little bit more extensive...

check out http://kenleslie.blogspot.com

At 6/25/2007, Blogger .justin said...

i'm excited to see it and even plan on taking the youth group on an easy summer get together next week, but...

How in the world does the movie reconcile the “rainbow covenant” in genesis 9:8-17?

seriously… how?

At 6/25/2007, Blogger ahutchinson said...

Josh, You are a dedicated blogger when you get home at midnight and post a blog about a movie. I have two kids and you have four. We are both on the same staff retreat and I collapsed to the hotel after dinner, lights out at a nerdy 9pm. You are the MAN! Can't wait to see the movie.

At 6/28/2007, Blogger YouthGuyEvan said...

did you dance? i did... my students were... well, not talking to me after that...

But hey, they're the one's who wanted to take me to see it... it was my movie, right?

At 7/03/2007, Blogger Brent said...

C+? That's all. I thought solid B. It was a good movie. Probably the most family friendly, other than maybe Ratatouille, which I haven't seen yet.


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