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Filming a New ETV Video Today

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Just finished filming a new video for the weekend in big church, had some fun with the guys and I think it'll turn out good. We'll see - just wrote it this morning when we had to flip/flop videos from next weekend! Yikes ... here's the script, I'll get it in YouTube when it's done this weekend:
ETV Father’s Day Video

(standard Josh video open, walking up the stairs to the Ped Bridge)
Hey everyone, welcome to Father’s Day Weekend here at Saddleback. We’re glad you’re here and know you’ll enjoy the message from Pastor Doug as he concludes the “Take it Like a Man” series.

Knowing just how bad men are with directions, I thought it might be good to take a few minutes this weekend and tell you about a new way to navigate the campus in the near future. Once again, change is coming to Saddleback! You’re going to want to pay close attention to this:

(show chart of campus in board room)
So basically you start here on Portola, then you run up here, do a U-Turn, hit this circle drive, jump a barrier and cross illegally here (map starts to get really full of markers, post it notes, drawings) then you run about a ½ mile up to this roundabout (hmmm … I didn’t even know we were going to have a roundabout), grab a donut, say hello to greeters (super full now, can’t even see map anymore) quickly find some hand sanitizer because you don’t know how many germs are on those hands, hop this fence, cross the helipad, follow the white rabbit, then slip into the back of church late and hope to find at least a bleacher seat.

See how easy that was? (smile) (fade to black)

(fade in, upbeat music, excitement pace, filmed on campus)
Seriously, though, in just 2 short weeks, you’ll be taking this (show josh in golf cart) new entrance to church - Purpose Drive opens the weekend of July 7/8 (show street sign covered up) with a big celebration – don’t miss it. You’ll also not want to miss the new stoplight that will go at this intersection. Especially if it’s red. Then, after you roll under the Pedestrian Bridge, you’ll park in one of the hundreds of new spaces on campus. Finally, take a quick hike up to the Worship Center – dropping your kids off along the way if you have them and you’re all set!

So men, there’s no need to ask for directions – for the next 2 weeks there will be a map in the bulletin for you to memorize - in total secrecy, of course. Then you can stroll on to campus like you know it all – which of course, you will. And what’s the use of knowing it all if there’s no one new to share it with?

Everyone, let’s invite someone to church this summer – there’s more room than ever before!

OK, now I just have to figure out where I left my car again?

(fade to black)

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