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Video Game Review: Earth Defense Force 2017

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Bought this game for $40 brand new, knowing this was a "B" title.

In short, this game isn't supposed to be that great. But oddly enough, I really liked it. Oh, Gears of War makes it laughable and Rainbow 6 blows it away, but for some reason I'm playing through it a second time. There's a few frustrating moments, but honestly the game is pretty straightforward - shoot stuff until it blows up magnificigantly, then repeat.

The robots are fun, the weapons are really varied (over 160 of them!) and the achievements are nearly impossible. Once you get some of the better weapons - tracking missiles with incredible damage and the like - it really starts to boom. All in all this is a game with average to poor graphics, average to poor controls, average to poor sound, which you would think ends up being somewhere south of average ... but instead is a fun, addictive "B" movie game with some nifty explosions.

Definitely a renter, if you can dedicate the time to beat all 53 levels in a couple of nights. B-


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At 5/16/2007, Blogger Elizabeth said...

i'm sure your latest blog is great, in fact i almost read it just to comment on it here and then say what i have to say, but i didn't. i'm just going to ask-where is the 50th podcast!!!! next week it will have been a month since the last podcast and as i'm glad to know you're still alive (although i have no proof for the others since they don't blog) i would like to hear a 50th podcast!!!! ok that is all, thank you :-)

At 5/16/2007, Blogger Nick said...

I take it you are giving your 360 a little more attention these days? I was reading his blog (which is humorous) and he seems very alone at times.

Mine would probably sound the same.

At 5/16/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

The podcast is coming ... DF is finishing a book, so he's disappeared for a while. :)



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