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New MTV Reality Show

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Always good to know what MTV is doing next, here's the latest casting invite I just got in the email. Looks like a 40-year old virgin dating show perhaps?
MTV is casting a fun, new documentary style reality series about relationships & dating from a male perspective. We're casting virgin guys (21 & up) looking to break out of their shell & improve their love life. Do you get nervous around women? Are you stuck in the "friend" zone? Do you find you're too busy to date? Whatever the reason, if you or someone you know is still a virgin, we want to meet them!

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At 5/22/2007, Blogger Dan said...

Sweet! My shot at the spotlight! Woot!

At 5/22/2007, Blogger jabthejesusfreak said...

You know, I saw that on their site a few months ago, and I just laughed. I mean, after all, it's MTV. Any guy that goes on that show is going to come out the other end looking far worse for being on that show.

At 5/29/2007, Blogger Chris Day said...

at least MTV has something new coming out. When is podcast 50 going to be out? It's been a month.


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