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I Was on the Price is Right Finale!

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Last night was the big 50th anniversary of The Price is Right, and out of probably 6,000 episodes they featured the clip of me kissing Bob Barker! Crazy ... thanks to everyone who wrote in with the news ... if you've never seen the original clip, here you go.

Saw you kiss big Bob on the big show last night! It was pretty cool. I
neversaw it the first time but I remembered you talking about it and
justhappened to catch it this time. Pretty nice to be on the biggest Price
isRight ever! Congrats. -John

Last night I am sitting with my family watching the Price is Right special. Bob Barker leads into a montage of people kissing him over the years ~ and who do they end with? JOSH GRIFFIN !! How cool is it to hear Bob Barker tell you that you need to shave. -Shane

Hey you don't know but I read your blog everyday, and I love the podcast (both of them) anyway I was just watching Bob Barkers 50 year thing on the price is right, and you made the first montauge of most memorable kisses!!! soo funny. Thought you might like to know just incase no one else tells you. -Thad


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At 5/19/2007, Blogger Lyndale said...

Julie called me in the room yesterday and had peused it. She said isn't that that guy Josh you know from California? And then of course her next question was "Did he win?" I told her all about the awesome rug.

At 5/19/2007, Blogger joshua.michael said...

I saw it and I thought it was you. However, I didn't think you ever got out of contestant row.

At 5/19/2007, Blogger Big Mike Lewis said...


At 5/19/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

totally cool addition to your pop culture trophy case :)

At 5/20/2007, Blogger Brent said...

That's hilarious. Maybe people will remember this instead of your embarrassing losses on the show.

At 5/25/2007, Blogger Dora's Life said...

hilarious! I think Bob secretly liked it!


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