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7 Myths About Purpose Driven

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Just read this interesting article on what Purpose Driven is NOT written by Mark Kelley. Give it a look if you're interested!
Myth: “Purpose Driven is about following the latest fad.”
Some critics dismiss Purpose Driven as nothing more than trading hymns for praise choruses and dressing casually. PD is not about being “contemporary” and it isn’t concerned with adopting whatever fad happens to be all the rage in this month’s workshops. Purpose Driven is about being biblical. Rick Warren says: “The five purposes of the church commanded by Jesus in the Great Commandment and Great Commission never go out of style. They are not a fad. They are eternally relevant. Any church that fails to fulfill the five purposes Jesus established for his people is not really a church!”

Myth: “Purpose Driven is about being 'seeker sensitive.'”
Another bit of misinformation has it that Purpose Driven is merely another example of churches trying to be “seeker sensitive.” PD churches are committed to the purpose of evangelism, not any particular method of evangelism. They do evangelism in many different formats and use many different methods. Thousands of Purpose Driven churches don’t have an evangelistic seeker service at all.

Myth: “Purpose Driven is about adopting a certain worship style.”
It’s impossible to generalize about a “purpose driven” worship style. PD churches worship God in thousands of styles – liturgical, charismatic, traditional, contemporary, country, multi-sensory, casual, and many others. Purpose Driven principles affirm variety in worship – as long as it is offered to God authentically and accurately – “in spirit and truth.” Pastor Rick teaches that a congregation’s worship style must match the people it is seeking to reach in its ministry area.


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At 5/16/2007, Blogger Nick said...

I can add one more and one myth about Rick Warren:
1. Purpose Driven is not a catch phrase, the name in itself will not make your ministry healthy

Myth buster about Rick Warren:
1. He is not the anti-Christ!
I get strange emails all of the time saying he is, Ha!


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