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Origins Conference

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Taking the interns up to Mosaic's Origins conference next week, sounds like a good time. Here's a clip from the event:

This is the experience thousands have come to love. This colorful, high-energy, and high-impact experience is sure to motivate and equip your team. You’ll want to return year after year with your teams to stay in tune with the apostolic ethos.

Origins is a leadership development experience designed to equip church and para-church leaders for mission in our diverse, pluralistic, urban, and multicultural 21st century context. Origins also serves as the annual convergence for the Mosaic Alliance, Origins Project churches, and other like-minded ministries.

The Origins experience is designed to immerse your thinking in a cultural architecture for the 21st century. At Origins you will connect with leading practitioners from around the world, Erwin McManus (Cultural Architect of Mosaic), and the leadership team from Mosaic, including Steve Saccone (National Mosaic Alliance Catalyst), and Neil Nakamoto (International Mosaic Alliance Catalyst). The entire experience will amplify the frameworks of ministry set forth in the scriptures and laid out in Erwin McManus’ book, An Unstoppable Force: Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind.


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At 4/25/2007, Blogger Kevin said...

Sounds great! Erwin's a deep guy. It should be good.

At 4/25/2007, Blogger John DeMarco said...

Erwin McManus has got game. His book "An Unstoppable Force" is priceless. I wish I could go to the conference.

At 4/26/2007, Blogger E.Money said...

i can't WAIT!!! :)

At 4/29/2007, Blogger tony sheng said...

i went in 2004. you are going to love it.


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