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How to Pick the Right Ministry

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Just read on Tony's blog about helping young youth workers find their first church. Some good insight in here, here's an excerpt:

So, right out of college young ministers start looking for jobs to lead whole faith communities, young ministries, para-church and so on. They believe, and often this comes from professors, that with the academic degree in their right hand, and their youthful vigor in the other, that they are going fix all the problems of some lucky place. It is no wonder that most ministers had a heart breaking experience of failure and frustration in their first few years of leadership, they had set themselves up for failure - and the church they serve at bears part of that blame as well.

The point you ask?

Don’t be so eager to be in charge that you get excited when a church wants to pay you to lead right away. Don’t be so eager to start making a name for yourself, that you take the broken ministry that blames the last guy for the problems, and expect that they won’t say the same thing about you when you leave. Healing wounds in a church is very complex, and many of the issues even predate the last three guys. Most churches need a veteran pastor in those situations, but are often unable or unwilling to pay for one, so they keep chewing up younger guys.

Instead be eager to find a place where you can continue to learn. Find a place that has a heart for investing in its young leaders, and has a strong track record for doing so. Find a place where you can sense the lead pastor has a strong faith and leadership that you want to emulate. Find a place that you respect, and believe in. Do not (unless the Holy Spirit is telling you otherwise) go into a “fix ‘er up” ministry situation. There are lots of churches and ministries that are in dire straights or periods of conflict, that have a history or issues in leadership that has them hurting.

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