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Want to be in the Next Simply Youth Ministry Catalog?

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We've just posted what I think is a pretty cool new idea we had for the next SYM catalog. Are you an artist? Like to doodle? Amateur photographer? Time to get your work in print. Here's a clip, head here for the whole scoop there for submissions:
Want to be in our next catalog? Starbucks is "Now Warming" and we're "Now Accepting" all high-res photographs, art, illustrations & design...created by YOU.

Our heart behind this is to find out "What is youth ministry to you?". Show us a snapshot of your youth ministry through any means of creative expression...well, interpretive dance might be hard to capture in print. All submissions welcome. If you're not creative, include others in the process...extend it to your students to participate, or create something together in a small group setting. Create a wall mural in your youth room and take a picture of it for us - since that would be hard to ship - two birds with one stone, now your youth room looks sweet too.

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