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Planet Earth HD

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They've been advertising the snot out of this new mini-series event on Discovery HD, and my friends, last night's premiere lived up to the hype.

An amazing look at our amazing planet earth. Some amazing footage, some animals I've never seen before, some truly brilliant moments. The shark coming out of the water eating that seal was stunning. My favorite side notes to the series are that the first mention of deforestation and global warming don't come until 14 minutes in and evolution isn't mentioned until minute 22. Both are surprisingly and thankfully brief.

Watching episode #2 tonight - you should be, too!


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 12:39 PM |

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At 3/27/2007, Blogger B Dub said...

Bro, this is one of the most amazing things, visually, I've ever seen on tv. Im a sucker for this kinda stuff, but Im really eating up all of this!

At 3/27/2007, Blogger ryanb said...

two guys in my small group could not stop talking about this show last night. it seemed like every conversation tied in to the show somehow, so I was giving them a hard time about it. then I get on my computer this morning and look at my live bookmark from you blog and see the heading "Planet Earth HD" and had to laugh... I will definitely be checking it out...

At 3/27/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Last night was good ... on ocean life. Solid, though not as good as the first one. JG


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