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Inside Halo 3

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Next Generation has a cool little update on the status of Halo 3. Here's a clip from their 2-page report:
Undoubtedly, there’s an esprit de corps that’s evolved; one of those emotional group hugs that cannot be manufactured, something that is entirely natural for people in an extraordinary time and place.

“It’s interesting how people react internally,” says O’Connor. “Everyone is a part of the progress that’s being made. We’ll have meetings on Fridays where people will do a ‘show and tell’ if they have something cool to reveal. Maybe a new water system or a new type of explosion. That’s where you sense the internal excitement. That’s where you see a bunch of videogame developers really getting excited.”

The pressure is on for Bungie to deliver an experience par excellence. Anything other than a 95% experience is going to be labeled a disappointment. O‘Connor believes the game will stand the tough test of media and consumer scrutiny. “Our technology is second to none and our art style is second to none. I’m very, very confident it’s going to be one of, if not the most beautiful Xbox 360 game. We’re going to get compared to the best that’s out there - we’re going to be compared to Gears and Resistance. But I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘oh our game is going to kick their ass’. I hate that kind of talk.”

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At 3/30/2007, Blogger Matthew McNutt said...

I am getting excited about the new Halo - I've been wanting an XBox 360 all along, just haven't bothered yet because there wasn't much need (other than the Star Trek game ... my trekkie side has to have every Star Trek game because sooner or later one of them is going to be good). Now I'm actually glad I waited so long ... has me thinking about the Elite ...


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