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Help Chris Sligh's Family Visit Idol

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Just got this message from Natalie's mom - she's doing something great to help Chris Sligh out and I'm in. Sending my $20 now ...
I got the chance to talk with Chris Sligh at last weeks Show and was
able to ask him what he was needing and how we could pray for him.
He said; he had only been able to see his wife two times in the six weeks he was out here doing the show and he was in need of a place for her to stay while she was in Hollywood during the week. The spouses can not stay with the contestants. So on Tuesday I will be picking up Chris Sligh's sweet southern accented wife, Sarah, and taking her to our home in the Valley. We have also received confirmation of a donated car for her to use while she is staying with us.

So here is the "Big Ask." Chris' parents are missionaries in Germany and they have not been able to afford to come see him perform. If Chris has not been voted off by Wednesday April 11th, the thought was to try and defray the costs for his parents to see the Show the following week (country week) April 17th and 18th. I believe I could get them a host family out this way, but the cost of two round trip plane tickets are around $4,000.

I was wondering if you would join me in a Kingdom Assignment for Chris and his faithful family by matching my $20 dollars. That would take 200 people to match my $20 for $4,000. If you are interested or if you know of others that might be interested here is the info on where to send your matched gift.

Please make your check payable to:
The Kingdom Assignment Foundation

And mail it to:

Denny and Leesa Bellesi
The Kingdom Assignment
30802 Coast Hwy. F1
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

www.kingdomassignment.com (for feedback, click on contact us)

Your name will be added to a card that will be presented to Chris and his wife on April 11th if he makes it through. You might want to vote for him, too. If you do send a check and Chris does not make it through, the moneys will go toward bringing his parents out for the finale or one of the AI concerts this summer.
Want to help? Tell 'em Josh sent ya over.


UPDATE: I've set up a PayPal account that accepts donations (send donations to josh@theforce.net via PayPal). 100% of what's given will be given over to the Kingdom Assignment project. So fun!

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At 3/27/2007, Blogger Jake Rutenbar said...

I'm starting a fund to vote him off and send him to Germany. You can visit our website @ www.voteoffchrissligh.germany

At 3/27/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Jake ... you are nothing short of brilliant. JG

At 3/28/2007, Blogger Scott Tinman said...

Looks like the kiss of death from this idea for Chris...can't believe Sanjaye is still there!

At 3/28/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Too bad! JG


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