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Taco Bell: eColi and Rats

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Interesting read in Fast Company today about Taco Bell's tarnished company-wide image because of a few very isolated incidents. It reminds me of how youth ministry is often characterized by a few isolated incidents, accidents or students - and it's a reflection on the whole organization. Read this clip with those eyes:

This may significantly alter my life, and it is because of the disturbing footage I viewed on YouTube. As much as I did not want to look, I ended up watching, and it wasn’t pretty. It looked like the awful, made for T.V. movie, The Rats. You can not see food poisoning, so people would forgive and forget, but the rats are all over the internet for people in California, Texas, Ohio and any other state to see.

Taco-Bell Corporation has decided the best way to deal with this is blame the owner of the specific location with the pests, and ignore the subject. This strategy does not exactly "think outside the bun," so-to-speak. Yes, the rats only scoured for food and inhabited only one chain in the Greenwich Village area of New York, but the impact felt because of YouTube, and other sites, will go much farther than one owner’s negligence. When people see the image of those fat, hairy, grey vermin scuffling across the floor, they probably will not think "oh, I am glad I don’t live in New York." Instead what will trickle into their minds is "I wonder if my local Taco-Bell has that problem?"

The Corporation must deal with this on a macro level because of one micro level store. Instead of disregarding customers’ nationwide; that is the customer the company should worry most about. The Bell may have lost some people in the New York area, but they still have a chance to hold onto customers in other states with a strong marketing plan.


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At 2/28/2007, Blogger Erik said...

I am so glad that I ate there twice yesterday...

At 2/28/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

Mmmm...reading that made me not hungry anymore.


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