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Ripping YouTube Videos

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Want to rip something off of YouTube? Who doesn't?

Enter Vixy.

Seems the servers are pretty slammed, but if/when it works, this will be big.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 3:58 PM |

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At 2/27/2007, Blogger Josh Byers said...

This is very cool. There are a lot of other services that will download videos but this is the first converter that is packaged right in!

This is great for my job - I'm always downloading commercials to show on client's electronic signs. This will save me tons of time.

Thanks Josh - the internet rules!!!

At 2/28/2007, Blogger uthpastor said...

I have an easier solution for you... that I have been using for a couple of years now:

No software to download, and it converts it for you. Works perfect: http://vixy.net/flv_converter

It has never had a delay for me yet. It just downloads it for you and converts it for you from the flv. Very easy and works perfect.

Another site, if you want a more advanced one to check out is: keepvid.com - that will allow you to save videos from any of about 40 different sites, but this one also requires you have a flv converter program - that's why I prefer the first link.

At 2/28/2007, Blogger Josh said...

Yeah, I've been ripping the Flash files and then using a converter to get those into something I can edit up real nice.

There's other sites like that out there, but that's the first I've seen that actually lets you convert to something other than a flash file. Very cool.


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