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The Rest of the Story: The Price is Right

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There was breaking news the day my episode aired when I was on the Price is Right, so I missed what happened next. When it gets further into reruns (it's been rerun 2x that I know of) maybe I can YouTube the "rest of the story."

So I won a $999 rug with every official state flower of the United States embroidered on it. It was the most beautiful disaster I've ever seen. My 2 boys filled it with more stains than any family should be able to produce in a lifetime in just a few short months and eventually we discarded it in the apartment trash. We would have, however, just thrown it a way a short time later anyhow, since it was quite possible the most ugly rug ever sweat-shopped together.

As far as the rest of the show, I went on to lose the game on stage, lose the big wheel spin, and even started to get envious of the Cutco Knives set given away as a consolation prize to those that appeared but didn't "win."

That was a fun time ... I didn't even hardly care about being on the show, but went with a buddy who was dying to get on.

Maybe Wheel of Fortune next?


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