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Kool Kid, a Gadgetier, or a Massive Passive?

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Fast Company has a fantastic summary of a new report on generational challenges. Some interesting interplay you could make between the challenge of the church in reaching adults and students. Just something to think about ...

An IBM consulting report titled "The End of Television As We Know It" divides viewers into three distinct groups: Kool Kids, Gadgetiers and the Massive Passives. It's an interesting shorthand with implications that go beyond television viewing habits.

According to the report, there's a "Generational Chasm" between older viewers who passively receive live television, and a younger "lean forward" group who demands more control, flexibility and portability. The lean forward group is divided into two segments, teenage "Kool Kids" who are tech savvy but cash poor, and twenty-something "Gadgetiers" with lots of disposable income to buy devices and services.

The distinction between the Gadgetiers and the Kool Kids is a helpful one. According to the report, the Kool Kids are into user generated content, instant messaging, filesharing and mobility. They know the workarounds to defeat copyright protection, because they have more time than money.



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