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An Inconvenient Oscars

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How bad was that last night? Not even mildly funny, disappointing on every count.

Even the Jack Black/Will Ferrell bit was a B, and that was by FAR the highlight. Argh - bad, bad, bad. No surprise when the ratings come out it will be in the toilet. Did you notice how many times they mentioned "a billion people are watching right now" - yeah, right.



posted by Joshua Griffin @ 12:10 PM |

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At 2/26/2007, Blogger Matt said...

I didn't think last night was awful at all. I thought Ellen was entertaining, Jack Black/Will Ferrell were hysterical, and Jennifer Hudson was on fire for God.

Sure there were slow moments (i.e. the speech in Italian, and the categories that nobody cares about) but that is true in most award shows.

And, while it's ratings are down in the US, the show is broadcast world wide.

But then again, I've always been fascinated by the art of storytelling, particularly through film, so I suppose the Oscars are my kind of award show.

At 2/26/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I love movies and storytelling as well, but that was BRUTAL.

The ratings are out ... 3rd lowest ever ...


At 2/26/2007, Blogger adam said...

really?? i actually enjoyed it a lot. but maybe that's because of the intense winner-picking contest we had going which came down to the very last award.

At 2/26/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

josh, i'm debating if i can still be your friend anymore. i mean, you actually sat and WATCHED the entire oscars? wow. i'm prayin' for ya, buddy. some things can only change through prayer and fasting, i guess. :)

At 2/26/2007, Blogger Mike Lovato said...

Boo to Josh Griffin. I completely disagree. This was one of the first Oscars in years that actually made me want to watch it. I usually start out strong and then it loses me.....of course the DVR skipping the commercials and pointless awards helps as well.

At 2/26/2007, Blogger Brent said...

The Oscars are boring. I didn't bother to watch, as usual.

At 2/27/2007, Blogger Abram & Sarah said...

The Oscars were on?


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