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Harmony with eHarmony

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So apparently it was a simple case of mistaken identity.

There are several Josh Griffin's in eHarmony, but the closest lives in Texas, and apparently there's another clone of me in Oklahoma. But none here in Southern California, so the lady that cornered me after church last night was looking for another Josh or pastor at Saddleback and somehow her search mistakenly led to me.

At least that's what the customer service agents assured me. We shall see. So - whew, glad that's over. Not that I would support pranking somebody this way, but man, that would be funny.


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At 2/27/2007, Blogger Abram & Sarah said...

Isn't it kind of sketchy that she was looking for you on eharmony if she knew you were married?

At 2/27/2007, Blogger folkestad said...

I actually tried to play that joke on my single senior pastor. I filled out the form and pressed enter. It wouldn't take the application... why? Because the email was already in use! Looks like the joke was on me! It was a fun laugh in the office!
Good times!

At 2/27/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I don't think she knew I was married until she saw my ring/wife after the service. Awkward!

And folkestad - brilliant! JG


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