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Church 2.0

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When you enter, a playlist plays of songs submitted during the week, the ones with the most votes rise to the top. A few more are even shot spontaneously wirelessly from various iPods to the DJ who plays a selection of the submissions for everyone to enjoy. As the service officially begins, a few are played live as the band gathers on stage. The center screen shows the live message, and you notice that everyone brought laptops or curiously large cell phones. It seems the place is full of geek Christians and seekers.

Instead of lecture-type seating, it's more coffee-shop-esque with multiple living room pods. For a better view, some people are watching the same talk broadcasted simultaneously on their own device. The whole place is wireless.

Everyone online shares together in instant messenger, a few live conversations break out off to the side. Sometimes you just have to talk. There's lots of caffeine, and there's plenty of buzz. As the pastor gives an illustration, someone calls up a relevant TV clip to one of the side screens, it is approved by the moderator and played for everyone to see. When they reference a book, in one click it'll be at your door tomorrow. Now the best quote of the last 5-minutes of the talk shows up in bold on the center screen. Someone wanted to hear that last part again, so they can rewind on demand on their screens and then click LIVE to rejoin the rest of the group.

Everyone is on the email list, and word is spreading fast about the service. A few people are away so they share their webcams on the far screens, completely synced into the service. There's live blogging for personal sites and the church's main team blog, instant messages are flying around now and some have asked for counseling or prayer. During the application the pastor mentions a class everyone should take for further study, and sends the webpage to everyone's screen. You can add the event to your Outlook effortlessly, and pay for it online, just like you already did for the offering you gave during point 2.

Hours later, the geek church finally winds down. The message ended a while ago, but they'll be talking, engaging and posting about it for days. Good thing there was food, since church has become a near-full day event. Engaging, relevant and full of community.

Church 2.0. Just a thought I had tonight.


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At 2/26/2007, Blogger David said...

sounds good.

probably won't take off in the 3rd world too quickly!

At 2/26/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Hahaah ... very true. JG

At 2/26/2007, Blogger jinsell said...

I love it. Sounds like my kind of church. When will we be getting started?!

At 2/26/2007, Blogger Erik said...

church 2.1

events will be added to ical

At 2/26/2007, Blogger Josh said...

You're a clever, clever man. It would be truly interesting to see Church 2.0


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