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Blair, the Podcast Visitor

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We had a visitor on the podcast last Friday, and Fields asked him to send in a report to share. Here it is!
Hey everyone,

The gang asked me to write a quick blog about my visit to the Simply Ministry podcast so here it goes.

I met Josh at the small group conference earlier in the week and I told him that he was CHEM and we had a few laughs about some of the things they have talked about over the last year on the podcast. Is it just me or are you surprised that there were no jokes or comments about Josh's "surgery" the following week? Anyway, Josh then invited me to sit in on Friday's taping.

When I arrived Friday morning, everyone was great. They welcomed me in like I was one of their own. The office was cool and they had like 20 empty frames up on one wall. I commented on how cool this contemporary art was and they said that it wasn't meant to be art, but they just hadn't gotten around to putting pictures in them over the past year. At this point all of my anxiety went away because I knew that they were just normal people, who like most youth pastors start a project and go all ADD and start something else without finishing what they started on. I was surprised at the size of the room that the podcast is taped in. It looks a lot bigger on line. In fact everything looks bigger than it really is. Matt and Josh are really only 175 lbs each!

The podcast began and was very entertaining. I caught myself not even paying attention to the questions because I was in the company of such greatness (Andy was sitting next to me!). I couldn't help noticing this cable that was hanging down from the ceiling behind Matt. I could only assume that this was in case he said something controversial and Doug could use it to choke him. (We would hate for there to be a second edit.) Natalie got locked out and I kind of felt bad, but it just seemed like another day at the office for them.

Over all my experience was AWESOME! I left thinking about one comment that was made during the podcast. It was that a lot of people in Indianapolis told them that they listened to the podcast and really liked it because they didn't feel like they were alone in ministry after listening. I whole-heartedly agree with that statement. I would encourage anyone to drop by and check it out. They were really down to earth people who just love youth ministry. Thanks again guys for letting me sit in on your day. Much love and YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

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At 2/26/2007, Blogger Brent said...

Matt with a Mac. Great picture.

At 2/27/2007, Blogger Tim said...

I love seeing Matt behind a MAC, one day every tongue shall confess that MACS RULE!!!


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