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Jolly Good Show

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Just finished recording the 2-part anniversary podcast - we'll have it up in iTunes and on the podcast page later today. I will say this - there's a fun giveaway we're doing in the first half, and a fun gift we give to someone at the end of the second half. This will be a great show for long-time listeners, and not a good show for someone to start with. But, I guess, that's the point!


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At 1/29/2007, Blogger P-Rob said...

Remarkable. You guys have enough comments to fill TWO shows in one setting? Wow, never could have imagined that... :)

At 1/29/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

I know, I know ... well, in the end I guess we just made it one big 1-hour show ... thankfully. :) JG

At 1/31/2007, Blogger Gary said...

You thought I would forget about you with the Itunes gift cards. No way man, you're the first person I got to know at SYM. By the way, I love Sadie Hawkens Dance by Relient K- good choice.

Love in Christ



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