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Hum the Tune, Find the Song

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I thought this was an original idea of mine a few days ago. Apparently, some other genius thought of it first. Great! There goes my chance to be independently wealthy.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 4:59 PM |

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At 1/29/2007, Blogger Bratch said...

There's even a site where you can tap out the rhythm of the song with the keyboard keys and it searches a database of songs based on your "taps".

At 1/29/2007, Blogger juliehibbard said...

I know how you feel! I invented the chip clip!! I was clipping my potato chips with clothes pins and thought, "I bet OTHER people need a way to keep their chips fresh"...
DANG! Next thing you know...the chip clip is invented.
MY chance to be a millionaire, gone.
I still use clothes pins.
I also invented disposable training pants. You don't need a story for that one...

At 1/30/2007, Blogger Bargus said...

Okay...so I'm totally with you, here! The other day I was watching a Bears year-in-review video with an instrumental song in the background that just flat out fired you up when you heard it. Unfortunately, I had NO idea how to find the name of this song...and I thought, "Wow, I bet someday we'll be able to search for songs, etc. on Google just by humming the song or playing the music in another window." Jeez, some guy with ESP jacked my idea before I could even put in on paper...

By the way, the song is "Summer Overture" from Requiem for a Dream...and I hear the version I heard was remade by an orchestra for the trailer of LOTR: The Two Towers. Just search "Chicago Bears" in YouTube and the video is the first or second to come up.


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