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Back from World Series of Pop Culture

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Just got back from the World Series of Pop Culture tryouts ... and we got schooled.

They only took the top 3 teams out of the 25 or so that were there - basically it was a 50 question fill in the blank test to see if you were good enough to be on the show. It was fun - but we're not good enough for the World Series ... this year.

Kudos and love to teammates Allison and Treece.


posted by Joshua Griffin @ 3:00 PM |

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At 1/26/2007, Blogger Matt said...

so any tips you can offer me? We're scheduled to compete/tryout in Orlando in a couple of weeks. I have heard it is hard, but we are hoping to make it at least to the interview process. If so shoot me an email at youth@ecnaz.org


At 1/27/2007, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

They've made it VERY clear that any tips, hints or whatever are tracked online, and I did have to sign a NDA. So if any of you guys are reading this ... I'm playing nice, I swear.


At 1/28/2007, Blogger Matt said...

got it man, had no clue...didn't mean to put you in the hot seat! We're still giving it a go, and like I said, wasn't trying to get you in trouble. Thanks man. And just for clarification, I wasn't meaning like hints or tips/answers to questions, I was meaning more about the process of the tryout-I'm not about cheating in the least bit-that's the furthest thing from my mind. Hope that clears up any confusion from you or them watching you

At 2/08/2007, Blogger Stephen said...

our audition is tomorrow in Austin. was anybody wearing costumes? we have some picked out thinking it might help, but if only 3 teams made it thru, maybe it's not worth looking like SuperDorks.


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