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Sit Down If ...

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Played this game at the staff Christmas party tonight. Fun stuff, here's some of the thoughts from my first draft, it changed a bit before we went live on stage.

Sit Down If ...

• If you are wearing a tuxedo
• if you have facial hair (male or female)
• wearing the same dress as Laura Bush
• have not been to San Celemente for a service yet
• if you are on the PEACE team
• if you worked at Mariner’s before coming on staff here
• if you have ever been on a game show
• if you are wearing shorts
• if you brought your mom as a date
• if you've been to ANY STATE EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI in November/December
• if you are engaged to a staff member
• if you've ever posted a video on You Tube
• if you have a MySpace profile
• if you own a PS3 or Wii
• if you've checked email or texted since this party started
• if you have an annual pass to Sea World or Disneyland
• if you are going bald
• if you don't have Christmas decorations up yet
• if you are over 35
• if you are wearing all black
• if your back has more hair then Chewbacca


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At 12/09/2006, Blogger Leigh Sarti said...

trying to get me on the last Sit Down If... I see what's going on. Jokes on you, I wasn't there (but my back is still hairy). They love that in Europe though.

At 12/09/2006, Blogger .justin said...

what IS the relationship between your church and Mariner's church?

that seems like an inside joke, i'd like to get.

At 12/09/2006, Blogger Joshua Griffin said...

Leigh, the back hair one WAS for you! And Justin ... it just seems like we traded a few staff this year, so it would be fun to call out.



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